SOCIAL MEDIA !- A tool that can mark that expected difference.

For many who are into the businesses that require being known and for people who desire to make impact. This is a good read.

Recently I had a lot of time to go through social media and I see how a lot of people have gotten so many people’s attention and make people aware of what they do on social media because they didn’t keep quiet about every little thing they do. I thought to myself, If these persons do all of these (not extremely special things) and they publicize what they are doing this much through social media, there might be others who probably would do better than these ones who are not known by anyone (except maybe people close to them). This brought me to realizing the fact that social media can actually be a tool to sell yourself, Get people aware. Doing things and keeping quiet about it is not being humble. Make it known. Somebody somewhere probably needs to just see that post of yours.

And the very good thing is, you have the tools you can use close to you as long as you are connected to the world via the internet. Were you part of an interesting project? put it out there: Tell your story. Do you write a lot? Just keep posting. People are reading. Do not wait for the comments. Just do it and improve always.

Making what you do known actually places a dot in peoples heart and being consistent about it expands the dot. When an opportunity opens to have someone who does what you do. You will come to people’s mind. In other words, sharing the amazing things you do with the world open up opportunities to get to places you desire to be and sometimes places you never expected to be and it also helps get to heights that look unreachable to you.


This is a 2018 post on my medium account.